WebDialog Bug...

I’m duplicating here as this probably seems a better place to put things now as opposed to the NUG!

I’m creating dynamic controls in a webapp. Each new control will have the left and top values set dynamically as well. Works fine on a webpage but I’m trying to do this in a webdialog and I’m running into a problem.

The left and top values of the webdialog refer to itself and don’t take into account it’s position on the webpage. When I create the control it’s position is therefore created on the page not the dialog.

The Webdialog pages seem to be implemented with layers so the left property makes a bit more sense.

Thinking I may need to do some maths
(browser width/2) - (dialog width/2)
Something like that…

I’ll raise a Feedback Request when I can attach the example project.

I’ve struggled with WebDialogs in the past, talked to Xojo Inc., and they confirmed that it’s a known issue. The problem continues with X/Y coordinates within WebDialog controls. I’ve never been completely stopped by it, so I just look forward to the bug(s) being fixed.

WebDialog’s and coordinates are pretty ugly. One dialog is generally not a big deal but if that dialog calls a dialog then all bets are off. :slight_smile:

Gives me a bit of a headache but such is life. Suddenly clicked layers were being used!

Feedback Request 26549.

(Anyone know how I create a link to feedback from within the forum - I’ve seen it done - guessing its a URL?)

[quote=8008:@Patrick Delaney]
(Anyone know how I create a link to feedback from within the forum - I’ve seen it done - guessing its a URL?)[/quote]
In Feedback, click the gear and choose Copy Sharing Link. Then just paste that here and the forum will automatically make it a link.


Bit more testing - creating the controls in the open event seems to work ok.

It’s when the controls when the page has already been displayed.