Webdialog and Container Control

Is it possible to use a WebDialog in a Container Control?

My problem:
I have defined a WebDialog.
Drag and Drop of that WebDialog in the Container Control works fine.
I renamed the new instance of the WebDialog and added the Open and Dismissed handlers.
Open to clear certain fields and Dismissed to fill certain fields.
When I when press a button in the Container Control and use the Show command of the WebDialog in the Container Control, nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong or has it indeed to do with the use of WebDialog in a Container Control?

To be more precise, after the user has pressed a Remove-button, I want to open a WebDialog that asks the user to confirm that the record is removed from the database.
After the user has pressed the Yes-button, the record is removed, otherwise the record isn’t removed (No-button).
The buttons and the fields are in a Container Control.

(Xojo 2014r1.1, OS X 10.9.2, Safari)

You must call AddHandler before showing the dialog. Otherwise the events on the browser don’t get hooked up right.

Thank you Greg.
I was able to get it working with the help of Xojo Example Project “DialogsExample”.