WebDatePicker bug?

I am trying Xojo 2021 1.1 and I’m seeing this


The datepicker is in a webdialog… is it supposed to work ?

What browser?
Is that running on Windows?
Can you share a sample via dropbox? I can’t reproduce this on a Mac.

FireFox / Chrome / Windows

Unfortunately the project is too big and has some custom controls that I’d rather not share. I tried removing everything that I dont want to share, but then the problem does not show up. It is probably a specific thing with this project. FWIW I do see a lot of errors in the browser console linked to the datepicker…

Remove things one at a time until you find the culprit. It looks like a library conflict. It could be initialization is being called before the DOM is ready, though.

It ended up being easier to create my own date control. I also needed a button, and not a textfield


Anyway, thanks for the help


Also, forgot to mention… ONE of the issues I had was caused by this line in a button in the webview

Me.Tooltip = “Load previous dates”

Commenting that line fixed most (not all) of the problems… but at that point I had already written my own control…