Webcontainer not showing on page reload

I have a web app that I use to create and process invoices. When I start the program and go into invoicing i can see the controls needed to create an invoice. If I go back to any other menu option after being in the invoicing screen and try to return to the invoicing screen I only see the menu… The command in the menu is simply WebInvoice.Show command.

Hi Gary, do you close the window when you navigate away from it? e.g. YourWindow.Close()

No… I did have that code and removed to try to get around this issue…

Can you reproduce it in an example project?
Are you using Implicit Instance?

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I will try to make an example, but thinking about it, this was working before I re-compiled with 2024r1 (linux). I tried to recompile in the prior version, but the result is the same.

How do I use implicit vs not implicit? I load the page with a command in the menu (which is a container control and it shows on a page re-show): WebInvoice.Show

Ok, I got around the issue… I just moved all the controls out of the container and put them onto the page itself and now it seems to be working fine.