WebContainer: Decreased size but scrollbars are not visible

Hi there,

I dynamically embed a webcontainer on my webpage. When I decrease its size, no scrollbars are visible.

var ct as new MyContainer
// MyContainer has width = 300, height = 200, it is filled with webcontrols

// Trying to force to show scrollbars
MyContainer.ScrollbarsVisible = WebContainer.ScrollbarsAlways

MyContainer.EmbedWithin(self, 100, 100, 300, 100)    ' height = 100 >> scrollbars should be shown but aren't visible

The same occurs if I drag the webcontainer as an instance on the webpage and decrease its size. Then scrollbars are automatically shown but aren’t visible when I compile and debug.

However I can scroll in the webcontainer. But with no scrollbars shown it is a bad userexperience.

Any ideas?

Visibility of the scroll bars may depend on your system settings. I see this most often on macs where the user is using a trackpad and the system setting for scroll bars is not set to “always visible”.

Wouldn’t a style overflow:scroll in such block force it?


Thanks Greg, I changed the system settings and now it works.