Webcontainer and Webdialog

Hi ,
I have a problem when I add a webcontainer to the webdialog, I can’t resize the dialog. I am adding a container with code. thanks for the help

dim s as new webdialog
dim newContainer as new souhrn11
s.width = newContainer.Width
s.Height = newContainer.Height
newContainer.EmbedWithin(s, s.Left, s.Top , s.Width, s.Height )
s.Top=( self.height /2) - (s.Height/2)
s.Left =( self.Width /2) - (s.Width/2)
newContainer.pop = true
newContainer.co_tisknout = “servis”
s.Title = “Print”

Yeah, the container is probably covering the resize widget. You will need to leave a little space for that.

so to speak, i don’t understand what you mean

Make sure the container doesn’t cover the lower right corner of the dialog.

So I tested it but it still doesn’t work. The resize box is visible but cannot be clicked