WebChart Doughnut causes Event Loop crash when clicked, even when no Pressed event

Not sure if I stumbled on a bug here or am missing something. I have a doughnut WebChart. It has an Opening event but nothing else (no Pressed event). I noticed when I click on the chart I get an Event Loop crash ( _HTTPServer.HTTPRequestThread )

Again, no Pressed event, only Opening, and below is the code in Opening

dim data() As Double

dim myColor() as Color

dim mySet As New WebChartCircularDataset("", data, myColor)

I do also have a button.Pressed event to load some data, but I noticed the crash even when not utilizing the button

dim myColorD1() as Color


dim dataD1() as Double

dim mySetD1 as new WebChartCircularDataset("", dataD1, myColorD1)

Even tried Enabled = false in the inspector but experienced the same result

Using 2023 R3 on Mac. Should this be happening, or is it a bug? Any way around this? I first noticed in my main project but just made a sample web app to verify the crash. I can create an Issue if that is the consensus

Sorry about that, Ryan. Yes, please open a new Issue and attach your sample project, so we can fix it faster.

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Will try to get to it this weekend, Monday at the latest

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Hi Ricardo. This morning the test project does not seem to be crashing with the event loop. Chalking this up to my Mac acting up on me last week :grin:

I was about to ask you about this :smiley:, glad to hear the weekend helped to fix this. Let me know if it happens again so I can take a look.