WebChart Bar Set Minimum

I have been messing with this too long looking for answers. I have tried override options I have found on the forums and none seem to work.

I am using Xojo Cloud.

As you can see from the picture, The errors bar looks like its zero because the minimum is set to the lowest automatically. Any ideas on how I can get the minimum set to a fixed zero?


dim totalFindings as Double = UserPage.FindingsPage1.RecordCount.Text.ToDouble
dim processedFindings as Double = UserPage.FindingsPage1.FinishedCount.Text.ToDouble

dim errors as Double = totalFindings - processedFindings

Var findingStats() As Double = Array(totalFindings, processedFindings, errors)
Var ds As New WebChartLinearDataset("Findings", &c942193, True, findingStats)
Me.AddLabels("Total", "Processed", "Errors")

dim percent as double = (processedFindings / totalFindings)*100

FindingsLabel.Text = "Processed: " + percent.ToString + "%"

In Options you need to add: scales, yAxes, ticks, beginAtZero = True, for that you need to add the Event OverrideOptions.


Var js As String = "{""yAxes"": [{""ticks"": {""beginAtZero"":true}}]}"
options.value("scales") = New JSONItem(js)

Edit: found a post with a ‘step by step’ jsonitem:

Edit2: you can also take a look at this WebSDK WebChart Chart.JS 3.x

Edit3: you can use ‘min’ instead of ‘beginAtZero’ and ‘0’ instead of ‘true’ (or any other value.

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