Webcanvas stops (pauses) the debugger (event loop) when webcontainer is closing


I run into a problem when I use a webcanvas to draw a picture. While in debug mode, when I close the window where the canvas is the app stops responding (paused). No error arise but I can read “event loop” in the “Stack” section of the debugger. If I push the “play button” the app starts responding again.

This behavior seems to be related to the presence of the canvas since it does not happen when I remove the webcanvas.
I can’t replace the webcanvas by a webImageView since I need to add drawings over the picture later.

In the paint event, I tried this code :

Dim p as Picture = mypicture (the picture has been added in design mode and stored in a graphic folder that sits in my project folder) g.DrawPicture(p, 0,0)


Dim p as WebPicture = mypicture (same picture as above) g.DrawPicture(p, 0,0)

Both work but make the app pause.

Any solution?

I made a built my application and tested a working version.

It works just fine. Seems to be a problem related to the debugger only. Should I open a bug request?

What version of the IDE are you running?

Hi Greg,

I’m using the latest version on windows 10.

I seem to remember a bug report about this recently. It may already be fixed in 2017r1.

Ok Thanks! Waiting impatiently for the new version… Any scoop for the release date? :slight_smile: