Webcanvas, movable ?

Hi, I want to build a webapp for my projects… how do I get a lot of lines and dots to be moved at the same time…

Like a canvas, inside a canvas, and the inner one has alot of lines, and dots with data taken from a database.

I would like to use sliders to slide the timeline. And to zoom.
The end goal is almost a gantt thing, but much more simpler, only what I need…


WebCanvas likely won’t be fast enough for an interactive slider as every event roundtrips to the server and back. If you want it to be smooth, you’ll probably need to make something with the websdk.

websdk, wouldn’t that be a lot more deeper programming than normal Xojo stuff ?

Yes. You would need to at least have experience in HTML and JavaScript.

Maybe you need a component like this http://www.pesarosystem.it/xojo-gantt-english.asp

Please do not post in any more threads that might have anything to do with your new component. This is starting to look like spamming.

Ops… Sorry, It will not be repeated.