WebButton on top of WebCanvas

Trying to put a WebButton on top of a WebCanvas.

If I lock right and bottom to the page, the button never disappears but it isn’t in the correct location (especially on widescreen displays).

If I try to put the button on top of the WebCanvas using commands below in Paint (in the lower right corner of the WebCanvas), the WebButton just disappears (as if the WebButton is behind the WebCanvas). I have also tried putting these commands in Shown event for page. No go.

WebButton1.left = WebCanvas1.left+645
WebButton1.top = WebCanvas1.top+545

Thanks in advance for your help.

Make sure the button is in front of the canvas.

It is. If I don’t adjust left or top it stays on top. As soon as I adjust left and/or top, it goes behind. If I use right and bottom lock it stays on top.

I will send an example.

I think I know why this happened but not sure how to explain the resulting behavior.

The previous page (call it WebPage1) used a self.close but the self.close wasn’t the last line in the WebPage1 WebButton Action code. Something like this:


Obviously wrong but still I can’t understand why it behaved like it did. When I reverse these two lines in WebPage1 button Action code then the WebPage2 button is positioned correctly and on top of WebCanvas.

Let me know if you still want an example. The demo I made shows the hidden WebPage2 button behavior plus some other weirdness (namely, WebCanvas not positioning correctly).

I’d still like to see it, so please create a case.

By the way, which browser (and version) are you using?

Chrome Version 32.0.1700.107 m

I will create a case.

Case 32306