How i Run Web app Stand Alone (Ubuntu 32Bits and PostgreSQL 9.3)

How i Start Up the App when the computer is Power up and how i ShutDown the App

Any Step by Step of This

To launch: /var/www/whereeveryourappis/myapp

To start it on boot you can place the same command in the rc.local file in /etc/.
Edit the file using vi like this:
vi /etc/rc.local

To quit the app you can just kill it with this command: killall appname or kill PID

with a CGI web app, it’s launched the first time someone opens it.
And closed automatically when apache shuts down.

what is the Best way Stand Alone or CGI

I prefer CGI because of the automatic relaunch in case of a crash with the next session.

Hi so i have to copy the App Files to /var/www/MyFolder/myapp