WebApp ServerSide thread.sleep() not working on Linux ? (standalone mode)


i’m currently using a server-side thread to perform multiple tasks in a webchat app (standalone mode) to check if channels are empty not or how many users are in them, also to check disconnections etc…).

Everything is working well on windows with a low CPU consumption (i’m using the thread.sleep() method with 1000 ms).

But in linux … the process is at 98-99% as it were ignoring the sleep method …

any idea ?

Recent changes to thread behavior have introduced some bugs that are expected to be fixed in the next version of Xojo. It’s possible that you’re experiencing one of them, which runs up CPU utilization under certain conditions. I believe one of those conditions is a single CPU but don’t recall Linux and Windows behaving differently.

i hope !

Actually, in standalone mode on linux, a simple webapp with one page and only one button on it (which do nothing) take 5-6% usage of the CPU … and 13-15% per client session … very strange. (tested on Xojo 2013 R2,R3 and R3.1). Maybe a Debian issue ? i will test on a MacOS X Machine later.

Attempt made with NginX with Fast CGI, same issue. My binary take up to 99% CPU … :frowning: