WebApp navigation bar across the top as in desktop apps

Hello all, has any of you tried to come up with something for WebApp that is similar to Menu Handler in desktop apps?
If the navigation also supports the Alt-letter (in Windows), such as Alt-F (File), Alt-E (Edit), Alt-H (Help), that would be even better.
Any hints or examples would be appreciated. Thank you! -Simon

Hello all. I have been able to resolve this by making use of WebPopupMenus and a user-defined style (to hide the lines around the box) and also some codes in the App’s Web Settings’ HTMLHeader (to make the dropdown arrow invisible).

All seem to work well, tested with these web browsers: IE11, FF, Chrome and Midori, all on Windows 10. Cheers, -Simon

Simon - if this is a public facing site I’d love to check it out (if you’re free to share the URL).

Greetings William: It is not public facing. But, it’s simple. 2 main things: use style w/ another color than the rest of the page, then on the popupmenu’s SelectionChanged event, as last operation in the event, use Me.ListIndex=0, i.e. to set the entry back to the “Menu Header”. It does look and work acceptably well. Cheers, -Simon in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.