Webapp: how to upload a file without a webfileuploader?

Hi everyone,

everything is in the title
I want to upload a file from the client to the webapp, but using a listbox and no webfileuploader control.
the webfile seems to be only for doanloading,
so is there a way to do it ?


What’s the goal of not having the WebFileUploader control?

I just want a simple button to upload, and not see the filename inside the fileuploader.
beside it seems the webfileuploader doesn’t accept tags inside the caption …

Isn’t that a major security issue that modern browsers will not support?

Just a few from the top of my head that I have used myself:

  1. Use SFTP
  2. Read it as Binary and Insert it as Base64 into a temporary database field
  3. Use a URLConnection as it can include a small file in HandleURL
  4. Upload it with CubeSQL via SQLDatabaseMBS with the MBS plugin
  5. Upload it to AWS then inform your WebApp when its done
  6. If both devices are trusted, use a software link (eg MountainDuck) to have the server linked via a drive letter/volume, then copy file to there
  7. Have an invisible menubar-only desktop app that runs in the background and receives database commands to upload/download files that the web app requests

I’m afraid of that …

well it seems a new websdk control is on the way …

Have you tried this property?


We’ve added it recently.


will try it, thanks
(I’m still on 2023r11 because of the migration to bootstrap 5 non complete…)
I would also like to have an upload icon instead of text only
and it seems the <raw> tag is not recognized in the webfileuploader caption ?

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One of our company’s Web1 projects offers this using GraffitiWebUploader, if you click this button
GraffitiWebUploader just opens a local computer dialog to select the file you want to upload.

It looks like that’s what you want. I don’t have a solution without plugins and we are using full webfileuploader with Web2.