webapp from phone photo

Hi to all,

Anybody had tried a xojo webapp that accept captured photo directly from ios or android camera capture?
Please help me to build the concept on how to apply it in our xojo webapp.

You could do this with the WebSDK.

Thanks, Phillip,

I’m hoping someday, Lefever will provide WebSDK video demo so that I can make my own.

Until now, I got a hard time to understand how to create my requirement.

It would be slightly complex. You have to use an input tag to signal to the phone that you want a live camera capture. User captures an image and it submitted as a file like a normal HTTP POST.

I could build it in a couple hours. Email me privately phillip@1701software.com if that is something critical to your project.

Have you tried WebFileUploader? I know it’ll let the user take a picture on iOS.

Hi Greg,

I dont have mac yet.

As of now, I am still looking for android mobile app developer who can provide me an app to activate the camera and directly upload the photo or video to my xojo web app.

What I wanted to accomplish on my side is the backend xojo web app that can accept CAMERA CAPTURED (not from file).

Perhaps you can create a REST Service that accepts the file. Only an idea, don’t know if is possible, i think yes, but may be completly wrong :slight_smile:

See this: http://developer.xojo.com/webinar-web-services


Let’s wait for the expert advise.

I have used the WebFileLoader on iOS and when you search for a file to load on iOS it prompts to use the camera. Once the pix is snapped it puts the file name in the control to upload. When you call the .Upload method it transfers the file. The UploadComplete event on the WebFileLoader fires after the upload is finished and you can put the photo where you want to save it.

I don’t know what happens on Android but hopefully the same.