Webapp fails to deploy on xojo cloud

I have created a web app, I have hosted it on xojo cloud but now when i try to upload changes it is not updating.
It shows progress Sending app to the xojo cloud and stops.

Anyone know what could be the problem ?

Are you getting any error messages?

No error message, But it worked now after 3-4 Hours.
But i want to figure out the problem, Its happening again and again.
Is there any way to track log while uploading to cloud ?

There’s no log to check this. When it happens, are you able to access apps that have been deployed previously?

I’m not seeing a Xojo Cloud server on your account so I will contact you to find out more about the server. I want to try deploying so that I might be able to see the problem.

Yes, Previously deployed app is accessible.

Okay, I will take a look at your PM.