Webapp does not launch (anymore) on XojoCloud

My App used to launch a few weeks ago when deployed but it isn’t happening anymore. It is uploaded (visible on the app list in the control panel) but after compiling and deploying it says “An error occurred during cloud deployment” when launching it.

Using my XojoCloud URL directly does not work either.
Contacting mySQL DB just works fine

Any thoughts?

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Did you open a ticket with Xojo? Sometimes things might get broken on the server. When I used Xojo Cloud they usually were very fast in helping out to check the health of my instance. With the error you get, there is probably little you can do on your side, other than deleting your app in the control panel before compiling it. If it then still doesn’t work, I suggest you reach out to the support team.

Yep, tried deleting the app first but to no avail.

Thanks for your response @Jeannot_Muller, will contact them directly (although this situation of non-working XojoCloud apps worries me).


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of course, it worries, but reflecting on my above answer it sounds like if this happened to me all the time. it actually didn’t ;-), But a few times something was as broken, that only the support was able to help.

@Jason_Parsley and Greg were always very fast and to the point to get things sorted out for me.

Side note: their infrastructure is impressively well protected. I could imagine that it might be related to some security gates kicking in which need to be “released” by Xojo. But that’s pure speculation(!), never followed up on the root causes.

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Eventually it will be solved by these guys :+1:

Just curious how stable the XojoCloud environment is over time.

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You should ask them. I don’t find it anymore. But there was a blog or powerpoint a few years ago showing some hard facts. I don’t use their product for the sole reason that my customers don’t fit into their price model. NPOs with a lot but very small apps. Otherwise I was quite happy with their product.

I’m going to take a look at your server and I will contact you.