WebApp Connects, but never finishes App.Open

Yes - Still struggling with figuring out what is happening all of a sudden with new cgi apps that I load on my GoDaddy Linux server.
Xojo 2015r3.1, CentOS 6
Same server - cgi apps that were previously loaded are still working fine. But scary, because I don’t know when they will stop working. Do have XojoCloud up an running as alternate - like that a lot so far.

Back to GoDaddy server problem …
The code below is in the App.Open Event. What is interesting is that the eventlog.txt file is actually created on the server - showing me that the app started to run. But the text “Event log created” never gets written to the file and the app just hangs, and the default page is never shown.

Any idea why the app would start enough to create the log file, but never get passed that stage?

Dim eventLogFile As FolderItem
  eventLogFile = GetFolderItem("eventlog.txt")
  If eventLogFile <> Nil Then
    eventLog = TextOutputStream.Append(eventLogFile)
   eventLog.writeline "Event log created"
 MsgBox "Event log not opened"

Sounds like it’s crashing. You’re probably getting an ioexception in there somewhere.