WebApp and Charts on olders Browsers

Is there a solution to recover the old WebCharts code (before release 2023.2)?

70% of the browsers used by my users can no longer see the charts since the last update (yet some browsers are less than 6 months old - Samsung Flip for example).

Or are there programs to do what webcharts do from a canvas?

Thanking you for your totally essential help.


Maybe your option is a WebSDK with Chartjs version 2.x

The latest 2023R2 uses Chartjs version 4.x, so I guess the browser requirements changed.

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This is quite catastrophic because the list of compatible browsers is so small that even Samsung Flip screens whose last update was a few months ago can no longer display the new webcharts while everything else works perfectly.

In the end, I am forced to return to version 2023.1 only for WebApp development.

What a frustration!

And in addition, I had to apologize to my most loyal users for this regression, which is perfectly untestable given the extent of the problem.

To say that I develop applications that fight against the obsolescence of home automation systems… and that it is now my customers’ equipment that I have to place in obsolescence.

The ChartJS website says it works on “all modern and up to date browsers” and goes on to thank a service for letting them test thousands of browsers. (source)

Have you done any debugging to see why your charts have stopped displaying? That would be my first step.

Edit: Curious where you saw a list of compatible browsers, because I can’t find one and this seems like useful information to know!

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If you can create a sample project with a chart that works with 2023r1.1 and not in 2023r2 and a list of devices/browser that doesn’t work anymore, upload that to xojo.com/issues and @Ricardo_Cruz can take a look.

Maybe a bug is affecting your code to affect 70% of the browsers used by your users and something can be done for R3.

My program displays the webcharts under:
. Safari 15, 16,
. Firefox 114, 115, 116,
. Chrome Android 11, 12, 13,
. Safari iOS 13, 14.

And it displays a white area on:
. Safari 13 and earlier,
. Chrome for Samsung Flip Screens,

Xojo’s WebCharts example does not work on browsers on which I encounter the problem myself.

I would create an Issue anyway. Ricardo may see if something can be done.

Can you visit Bar Chart Border Radius | Chart.js (for example) with one of the not working browser to check if the chart is displayed? If not, then chartjs is no longer compatible, if yes, then Ricardo needs to see what is the problem.

Thank’s a lot.
I’ve already read the topic and it’s not the same problem.

You can also test with:

That is a WebSDK Chart and is using ChartJS 3.7

That will give more information on the problem and if Ricardo can fix something.

I followed the chartjs website instruction to run npx browserlist to see what they say they actually support, here is the output (as of today on the master branch):

and_chr 116
and_ff 116
and_qq 13.1
and_uc 15.5
android 116
chrome 116
chrome 115
chrome 114
chrome 109
edge 116
edge 115
edge 114
firefox 116
firefox 115
firefox 114
firefox 102
ios_saf 16.5
ios_saf 16.4
ios_saf 16.3
ios_saf 16.2
ios_saf 16.1
ios_saf 16.0
kaios 3.0-3.1
kaios 2.5
node 20.4.0
node 18.16.0
node 16.20.0
op_mini all
op_mob 73
opera 101
opera 100
opera 99
safari 16.5
safari 16.4
safari 15.6
samsung 21
samsung 20

Which means it may be a known consideration that Safari 13 is unsupported. I’m not sure what version of Chrome the Flip is running, but if it’s not on this list that may be a problem.


Using an online browser emulator I can see Chartjs.org charts in Safari 13

With Safari 11 is blank.

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