WebAnimator messes with WebListbox Headers

Not sure how to get around this one. Looking for ideas.

I have an Animator control on a Container that resizes horizontally a WebListbox. After the animation is complete, the headers (and columns) are not what they used to be. I have to close the Container and reload it to refresh the listbox headers.



Try adding and immediately deleting an empty row. Both steps can be in the same event handler (i.e. AnimationComplete). Not sure if it will work, but it has for me in the past in similar situations.

Webanimator shows a lot of strange behaviour: when called upon, it does its work properly. But after that, other actions in the webpage WITHOUT the animator trigger strange behaviour of the animator. It messes up the page completely. Things start moving around randomly.

Testing showed that changing:

animator1.Move(self, 0, pix, 0.5 ) animator1.Play

self.Top = pix

Solved all the strange behaviour after the animator has done its work. So the behaviour can only be triggered by the animator.

More experimenting showed that the misbehaviour occurs when the animator is placed inside the object itself ( so triggered on SELF )… When triggered on an child-object there is no misbehaviour.

File a bug report.

Was this ever solved? I think I am seeing weird behavior caused by webanimator. I don’t have most current version though (2015r1).

It doesn’t look like a bug report was filed.

Okay. If I can work up a demo I’ll create a bug report. I think I am seeing similar problems.