Web2.0 - Why Bootstrap was the best choice

Just wanted to throw some support behind the bootstrap decision. Of the top 5 Web CSS frameworks, bootstrap was the most popular, ranked the highest, and takes up the least memory:


You’ll also notice that all but the last framework uses a 12-column based responsive grid. Xojo really needs to add support for this but you can currently hack it with the Flex layout and Javascript to add the classes needed. Unfortunately no WYSIWYG for now… I’m also of the opinion that we our controls should honor the height property on non-flex/standard layout (See WebButttons height after adjusting) but you can also fix this with Styling.

And just a reminder you can use webControl.Style to further customize controls. You can also put your styles in a dictionary store and save solving and then use an extension method to easily loop through and apply those styles on the control as well.


Bootstrap is really nice for making websites, but I think Framework7 (MIT license) is more suited for what we want to do with Xojo, applications. It already has the concept of pages, panels and so on, tons of already built in components with their events, a proper CSS grid, etc.

Everything is perfectly themeable, in fact, you can change the whole app main color for every component from one place. The best thing it also mimics the appearance of the target browser (material on Android, and iOS on iOS).

Not saying to throw everything away, but having F7 on the radar can help a lot Xojo as an inspiration source or, for sure, migrate to it eventually.

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I think that will make it hard for the developers at Xojo, this would mean a complete new re-design for them. And I think Brock is right with

most popular, ranked the highest, and takes up the least memory:

I believe I remind that Greg said once, that they spend a lot of time in investigating into the right theme, and that bootstrap won for the above reasons and because it was “release-wise” the most “stable” framework. If a core framework will change all the time, or will not be maintained etc. than this will cause big issues to all of us.