Web2.0 WebButton Disappearing

I am having trouble with buttons disappearing from my web pages. The second time i go to a web page, one of the WebBottons disappears. Each subsequent the page is displayed, another button disappears. I have checked using a messagebox to see if the button is still there, and it is - it’s just not showing in the browser. Has anyone had anything similar?

Thanks, Graeme.

Can you reproduce in a simple project that you can share using Dropbox?

Hi Alberto,
I can give you the web address of my test app - CSNZ.XojoCloud.Net
It seems to fail regularly when you select Action on the toolbar menu and go to Release. After a couple of times going to this page, the Cancel button disappears.


Hi Graeme,
I visited your site, when I go to Release - Cancel - Release then the Cancel button is not there.
When I reload your page and do Release - Ok - Release all buttons are there. I clicked Ok again and Release again and still every button was there. Then Cancel - Release and the Cancel button is not there.

Are you sure you don’t have some code that will make this happen?

You may need to contact support or open a private Feedback case with your project if you think this is a Xojo bug. Good luck and keep us posted, I don’t want to have this happen on anyone’s project.

Look in your code in the Cancel button’s Pressed event and make sure that you are using Self.Close instead of Me.Close as Me refers to the button and Self refers to the Page or Container.

That’s fixed it. Thanks Greg.