Web, what is the best practice for UI update?

when I go to show a webpage with webContainerParent which within it instantiates a further 100 or 200 webContainerChildren (each of these shows the data of the reowset rows of a table of a db) I notice an extreme slowdown of the UI even if before instantiating all the child webcontainers I hide the webContainerParent and I only show it at the end of the fill.

Furthermore, the reaction to clicking on the controls of the child webContainers is extremely slow

Does anyone have an idea how this type of creation of child webContainers can be managed so that the UI reactions are acceptable?

Have you considered using a WebListbox?

With such a listbox, you could use a WebListBoxCellRender.
That way you could make custom Listbox Cells with the data you want to show.

When combining this with a WebDataSource, I think loading the data would be more efficient.

I do this with a lot of iOS layout elements. I simply use a MobileTable as scroll area.
I create CustomTableCells with labels, textfields, etc…
The DataSource helps me to generate the specific cells I need in my table.

I assume you could do that in a web project as well. But, I am not sure. I haven’t done that.
But it should speed up your UI, I think…

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