Web WeakRef MemoryLeak WebDialog

I think there might be a memory leak when using WebDialogs.
The WebApp doesn’t appear to be cleaning up Nil WeakRef’s

Example Project:
Launch App
Click App Info
Continue to click Reload
Notice the WeakRef count and App memory increase each time.
Eventually the WeakRef’s start to nil out but they stay in memory.

Is this a legit bug or am I doing something silly?

I have noticed this problem during some checks with the Runtime infos.

During the session’s life many weakrefs are created but not all of them are destroyed: these weakrefs are created by the framework not by user code.
For sure these weakrefs are destroyed when the session terminates.

I have not yet created a feedback case related to this problem.


It also appears the weakref’s do NOT disappear after the session is destroyed.