web Toolbar not showing images on iDevices

I have just started to use the web toolbar with r2 and all works great on Mac and PC but when I look at it on iDevices the text is displaying but the images dont. Anyone else seen this and know why it might be happening? The images I am using are embedded within Xojo and not external images.

WebToolbar got some love this time around so there may be a regression that didn’t get caught in testing. Do you have an example online that I can test?

I have create a little test project and uploaded to the link below. I have intentionally left some of the buttons without the icons set because their appears to be another issues in that when you are in edit mode, click on a button without an icon, wait, wait, wait (about 20 seconds), then you can select the image (I preceed all mine with icon), then click on the next button to change the image for and … wait, wait, wait … wait (another 20 seconds or so) and you can then edit the next button. On my Windows 8.1 box Xojo often goes to “Not Responding” during the waiting time and Xojo.exe is using 100% CPU, something appears to be wrong here.


I need the images :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I always assumed that they images were embedded in the project file when you saved it as a binary format, you learn something new every day :wink:

Here are the icons:


most of the images I’m looking for are not there. The path that these files are in is:

D:\\Documents\\Phytobiophysics\\Shop\\PrescriptionTools-Xojo\\web-images\\* D:\\Documents\\Phytobiophysics\\Shop\\Affiliate\\Prescription Tool\\compressed\\close.jpg D:\\Documents\\Phytobiophysics\\Shop\\Affiliate\\Prescription Tool\\rainbow-man.png D:\\downloads\\1.png

Sorry to be a stickler, but I want to make sure I have the same exact setup to reproduce this bug.

That is weird, it is because I copied the control across from another project, all you should see is a web page with a control that contains the toolbar control with no actions (I removed them all). The control has been dragged onto the web page. I then just added the icon files to the first 3 buttons and left all of the others without images and just lables (didnt uncheck the has image option). You will see as you add the images to the buttons using the edit mode that it takes an age to move from one button to another, in fact it takes an age just click from one button to another in edit mode even if you dont do anything, the cpu between clicks goes up to 100%. All the images you have listed are nothing to do with the toolbar issue and is part of the bigger project that I copied the toolbar from. Does that help or do you need me to do something else?

Well, I made my own project using a toolbar and three png images dragged in from my desktop. When I ran the app, they all appeared fine. Please file a bug report, include your sample project and all of the images that are referenced in the project. The easiest way I’ve found is to copy your project to another computer (or a vm) that is running xojo and load the project there. If there are images in your project that are not used, please remove them from the project altogether.