Web Toolbar icons

If I need pictures for the web toolbar icons, where should I put them? I mean for better performance and load times. Both XojoCloud and any other server.

You assign them to the WebToolbarButton.Icon property. BTW, there are a lot of great icons built-in. You can get them from the WebPicture.BootstrapIcon method.

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I was playing today with WebMenu too, but stopped at this (Feedback No 61652) when dealing with submenus.

Is this for Web 1.0 or Web 2.0?

Edit: Thomas, my question was not directed to you specifically but to Juan Carlos. I think that, at least for a while, people will come to the forum asking questions for Web 1.0 and they will get answers for Web 2.0.

You are right, I’ve pasted wrong feedback Number accidently.
I’ve corrected my previous post right now and yes it’s for Web 2.0

WebToolbarItem.badge seems broken too. I’ve created a FB report for it.

No need to copy them to the server in a Build Step and them assign them to properties like advised on Web 1.0?

Web 2.0

If you use the built-in icons, definitely no because they are built-in to the framework. They will also help your app look more modern as well. I highly recommend them.

Unfortunately my icons are medical icons not available in bootstrapicon so I need to add them to the project but they get loaded very slow to the page and make waiting time unpleasant

Have you read up on the techniques discussed on this page in the docs? They were updated for Web 2.0 recently. https://documentation.xojo.com/topics/web/web_app_optimization.html

Is this fixed - I am unable to get the badge working using 2020r1.2. Have you had a response to your FB?

Actually I can get it working but only when I add an icon to the toolbar item.