Web TextField - not respecting height?

Hi all,

Now, this will probably sound like a stupid question - my old project that I’m attempting to move to Web2, the text fields had a height of 22; now it seems I’m forced to a field height of 38? I can change the number in the properties but when I run the app, it’s still the size of 38. Is this normal? Am I just missing a setting somewhere? It’s going to force me to do a real rework on the layout, considering this app isn’t meant for mobile use I don’t think I need some of the mobile style look/feel…

This may help you:

Thanks for the info - unfortunately, that really defeats the purpose of having a visual IDE to layout your interface, and even worse when migrating from an old project. Still also kind of annoyed with the new way webstyles are being handled.

The correct way to do this is to supply your own Bootstrap theme by dragging it in to the IDE’s navigator pane on the left.

While this is true with the new system, IMHO when they are doing a process of converting an old project that may have a ton of custom styles to make the site look a certain way that it should start with a standard theme and set it up with adjustments based upon the styles already built. Granted, this would only affect existing sites migrating to the new framework, but it I think would have made certain aspects a lot more enjoyable in the process of the change.