web textbox on password type not updating

Hi Masters!

I would like to refer my experience and I need you humble opinion or solution.

  1. I placed WEB TEXTBOX on webform and make it TYPE=PASSWORD
  2. I put CHECK BOX on webform and label it as “show password”
  3. I add event on CHECKBOX CHANGE

[code] if newvalue = true then
ctrl_logon_box1.txtPassword.Type = 0

ctrl_logon_box1.txtPassword.Type =1
end if

Now, when I run it from my pc, it works fine! But when I upload it to my Host Server, it does not update the TEXTBOX to become readable.

Anybody encountered this problem? Please share your solution.

Use two WebTexfield on top of each other.

Make sure they don’t become child of one another by putting this in their Open event :

me.parent = nil

Then instead of changing type, make one visible and the other invisible.

Hi Michel,

Thanks for your reply.

May I ask, what is the purpose of >> me.parent = nil

I tried your suggestion, using the code below

[code] if chkshowpassword.value = true then
txtPassword.Visible = FALSE
txtPassword1.Visible = TRUE

txtPassword.Visible = TRUE
txtPassword1.Visible = FALSE

end if

Still failed to show the correct result.

Some browsers won’t let you do this when running on public ip addresses. It’s a security concern.

Thanks Greg!

But the suggestion of Michel seems conventional solution. Just wondered why it does not work the way it was programmed.

I hope there is a solution out there.

Because if one texfield becomes child of another, when the parent becomes invisible, both disappear.

No idea why your project does not work. You may want to try first with the textfield separate, so you see exactly what is going on.

Hi Michel,

I would like to as a favor, could you send me your solution so that I can upload it to my host server so that we can try if its effective?