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Please kindly help me to understand which is the best way to create an online application to handle local data.
This application should process images from local drives and save data in local databases and result images again in local drive, until now I’m using desktop solutions but they require download and installation and I would prefer to skip this step.
As far as I know Xojo web is intended mainly for online databases, I would need to upload image files (large ones), download the result, etc.
How can I create a mixed solution, merging the advantages of a desktop app handling local files while still having an always updated, not installed application?

it depends on your enviroment.
i have a intranet app that is started from network drive (NAS).
all pc’s had win 10 and not need a setup, only a link to the exe.
i can replace this exe and all pc’s have the new one at next start.
for a intranet database i used PostgreSQL.

mainly i see you need to move files and process it.
there are many possibilities to move a file from A to B.
to process this files/data it could also be a console app / service.

upload image files (large ones)

what means large and how many and how often?

Thanks for your answer.

In my scenario users are not in a intranet or similar, they may have Windows, Mac and different versions.
A single user needs to add more than hundred SLR camera images to each project, create designs and retrieve high resolution images.
The files will not be used “server side”, therefore uploading them and using server space has no sense, in my opinion.
Actually it would be less traffic to download the installer for a desktop application each time but I want to avoid this step.

To do this in Xojo Web would require essentially writing the entire front-end app in JavaScript and only reporting back to the server what you actually need. A desktop app would make more sense, otherwise you need to manage the files, projects, modifications, etc entirely client-side using JavaScript.

do you think you can do this in xojo web?

the upload can be easy tested with WebFileUploader
but if you have a web app does it means you will provide it via vps?
does each user need an account and login?

do you fear the first setup at desktop solutions?
you could also add a update mechanism.

The real ‘gotcha’ here is that you don’t want to upload and store the images. That kills alot of the usefulness of Xojo Web, as you can’t manipulate something using Xojo code that the web app doesn’t have. I recommend building a desktop app with an update mechanism.

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Yes, it seems the best solution is still a desktop app and improve the update mechanism.

I wish I could avoid all the installing process as many users are not happy with it (certificates, antivirus, admin passwords, etc).