Web set as Carbon not Cocoa

I thought Carbon was deprecated in the latest version

When I compile a WebApp and check TargetCocoa it returns false and TargetCarbon returns true. I ended up using TargetMacOS but this still seems like something is wrong.

Cocoa is a UI framework
Web apps use web UI components - not cocoa
Since web apps are basically console apps “Carbon” is the closest thing to correct there is

Its correct

Aren’t both cocoa AND carbon UI Framework?
Shouldn’t they both return false then?

Carbon is actually slightly more than JUST A UI kit - it actually forms a good portion of whats now the various Core* frameworks which are used in console apps.

Cocoa is almost exclusively UI.

It’s correct

Not sure why compiling a WEB app you check TargetCocoa anyways
TargetWeb would make more sense

I was just doing some branching based on windows and mac. I should have used “TargetMacOS” from the start but I did “TargetCocoa” not thinking anything of it. I got really confused when my branch of code didnt work and this is what I discovered upon investigation. Just one of those “gotchas” I didn’t think about at the time.

You should have :slight_smile: