Web Service Help

Hello all.

What is the correct code to send a PUT command, including a command, a URL and JSON data. Note that this is not in response to a request but rather a scheduled update from a local client to a cloud server. I am using a timer to periodically send updates to a cloud based server with a fixed IP. The device this code will run on is local and behind a router and a NAT.

I tried URLConnection.Send(“PUT”, URL, json.ToString) but the compiler does not like the third parameter - it wants a folder item which the json string is not.

Can anyone suggest the correct method to do this? I would also be open to using Aloe as well but could not find there, how to accomplish what I am after either.

The only alternative I can see, which may be better, is to send a connection code with ID and other “login” information then have the server respond…

All help is appreciated!
Thank you,

You could try reading the documentation on URLConnection and see if the SetRequestContent will get you what you want.