Web Server

Hi all,

questions to someone who had similar experiences.

which configuration is recommended for the Xojo web server in a scenario similar to the following?

  • app server: Windows
  • db server: MS Sql Server
  • approximately 150 OLTP users
  • daily activity

is advisable the stand alone web server?

other info for me? suggestions?


Hi Giacomo,
the most important limit of the stand alone web server is the transfer bandwidth with the client.
A limit that you must take in account, not related to the stand alone webserver, is the cooperative scheduling used by the application.
Knowing the kind of application and the workload of a single user is useful to estimate a workable solution.

Hi Maurizio,
thanks for your answer.

the application must be usable on an intranet (both on a local network and on a geographical network, probably still ADSL).
for most users it is a typical CRUD management, both front and back office.

a limited users group will manage planning and reporting, through specific functions in the application. these elaborations could be heavy for the CPU.

I know that, if I use .Net and IIS, I will not have reliability problems and I will get at least sufficient performance.

I wonder if I should develop this application with Xojo. because I do not know what to expect. maybe is a “hazard”?
for this reason I ask if there are similar experiences.

I haven’t found any news or references so far in the forum or elsewhere.

I think you already know the answer

Xojo uses MSSQL native client which has a lot of issues with prepared statements (reported over 10 years ago). While you can work around most of these it is a pain.

Xojo will perform if hosted behind IIS to offload the SSL processing and if you do that I would recommend splitting your solution to split the planning from CRUD users.

do you refer ONLY to standalone web server on Windows?
maybe my application server could be Linux with CGI, but the db server must be MS SQL Server.

I would like to give myself the chance to realize an important project with Xojo, but not at the cost of my … “suicide”.

I also wonder: if Xojo Inc had the ambition to build such an extended environment (desktop, web, mobile, support for the most important db in the world, etc.), it doesn’t seem reasonable to consider its use as a hobby.
it would not make sense. or am I wrong?

after a lot of time spent with Xojo native client, I’ve tried MBS plugin and it seems works well (on Windows with native Sql Server client. no test on Linux).

with load balancing, as suggested by Xojo itself?
and what is your opinion about CGI on Linux?
can it be a best solution?

I was referring to the application in general.

[quote=370588:@Giacomo Bernardi]Hi Maurizio,
I know that, if I use .Net and IIS, I will not have reliability problems and I will get at least sufficient performance.

We can say: use the tool you know and trust.
It depends if you are willing to explore Xojo as an alternate solution to yor development enviroment or you are tied to delivery date.

no delivery constraints, now. while I’m keeping an existing product, I have to develop a new version, keeping the existing db.

in this scenario, would you explore Xojo as an alternative solution, considering that it would be difficult to go back?

Only you can judge.
Try something that resemble your use case and compare results.

thank you Maurizio.

I hope there will also be other contributions in this conversation.
not only for my interest, but also because it seems to me an important subject.

Ciao Giacomo e ciao Maurizio.
Esiste una guida in italiano per configurare un server Windows per le applicazioni Xojo Web?

non so.
ma se vuoi utilizzare la modalit standalone, al massimo devi creare il servizio Windows.