web server hosting?

Can you recommend a few proven, and easy to use web servers which can host Xojo webapps, but a little cheaper than XOJO Cloud?
Thank you in advance!


https://www.digitalocean.com is my recommendation.
There’s also Philip’s ServerWarp. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems to be highly recommended by others.

Edit: actually, Digital Ocean probably doesn’t meet your requirements as it’s build-your-own, although it does have pre-made images of various Linux installs, such as LAMP, that you can choose.

Digital Ocean is indeed not very user friendly. Best for people who already have a solid background in Linux servers configuration (it is nowhere near CPanel, all in command line).

I have been using ServerWarp and the previous service since 2013 or so. Very easy to setup, and support very friendly. Phillip Zedalis is a regular in this forum and a Xojo user, that is a big plus as compared to other hosts.

@Tim Dietrich and I love using Amazon Lightsail: https://amazonlightsail.com/pricing/

It’s just a linux box at very reasonable prices. We’re both also use Amazon Aurora for mySQL. :slight_smile:

Michel, 1701/ServerWarp? I am their costumer now, the basic service works technically, but the support is disappointing. They promised last year to migrate my services to the than new, upgraded server, but happend nothing. They apologized first (Matthew hurricane, etc), but then nothing, they didn’t even answer to my emails, messages on the contact panel of their website, etc. Very frustrating. No support, no communication, what can I say now after a whole (!) year of silence…?

Hi Zoltan - we did have some delays with migrating people over to new servers with the control panel. Hopefully your existing server has been running stable and strong?

In the transition to ServerWarp we announced our new support ticket system to which you can email support@serverwarp.com. Unfortunately the contact/support @ 1701software.com addresses are receiving hundreds to thousands of spam messages every day.

So if we have not replied I promise it is was in error and we would be pleased to make it up to you in terms of service credit or otherwise. Email me privately phillip@serverwarp.com so we can figure it out. Also you may always call us as well.

@Hal Gumbert mentioned that we’re both using AWS (Lightsail, EC2 Server, Aurora, etc). Lightsail servers start at $5 USD per month.

In October, I gave a VXUG demo on how to deploy a Xojo Web app using a Lightsail server, and NGINX to host multiple apps on the same server. A video of that demo is available here, and that portion of the demo starts at around 33 minutes in:


I hope it helps.

Lightsail is pretty neat and the webinar is very helpful.

One thing I will add that I know applies to both Xojo Cloud and us: Considering hourly consulting rates if you spend more than 15 minutes a month managing your server you are losing money. You can likely benefit from the domain experience and automation that has gone into these services.

Now for those system administrators, Linux enthusiasts and configuration tinkerers you may really love managing your Linux environment. It can be fun and I do recommend learning everything you can about Linux. I tend to recommend Linode or Vultr because you can install your own ISO’s. DigitalOcean and many VPS services have subtle tweaks to the operating systems and package mirrors. For example DigitalOcean has for a long time limited what kernels you can use to boot from and only supports the operating systems they provide.

Just something to consider if you want to tinker outside the beaten path of CentOS, Ubuntu, Arch, etc. or if your time is more valuable than editing configuration files.

One advantage of using serverwarp.com is that it includes unlimited connections to cubeSQLServer files. And you don’t have to set cubeSQLServer up on the server. The admin takes care of all that for you. So you can easily move from using SQLite files in single-user mode to multi-user mode.