WEB Server, but no Xojo option?

Hello community After years of thinking (too much time) I have decided that the best programming language is the one that helps me do what I need in less time. This is Xojo.

A quick question please. Can I develop WEB applications without depending on the Xojo platform? That is, in my own service to not pay such a high monthly fee. Thank you.

If you are talking about hosting your own web applications built with Xojo then the answer is YES! That is not to say that Xojo Cloud is even expensive, just not appropriate for some environments. I and my clients host their Xojo built web apps on my/their intranet behind IIS (MS), others use Apache and other web servers on other OS’s.

Thanks a lot.

Then I will look for ways to test Xojo applications on my own server. Do you know if there is information on how to configure the servers?

You could also check the solutions at ServerWarp.com, cheap out of the box managed Linux servers, ready to run your Xojo web apps.

Great. Sounds really good. I’m going to request information.

Read more about web app deployment .
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Since Web Apps can run on Mac, Windows, or Linux you have a ton of options!

We love Amazon Lightsail and use their Linux servers, but they have Windows too. :slight_smile: