Web: Save Dict to String // and back: String to Dict?

I have a small Dictionary with Infos I want to save into a Cookie.
I know how to save a string in a cookie and load in back from cookie to String.

But how do I get a Dict in a String? Because I can save this String in the Cookie.

And later I could load the cookie, convert the String to Dict - and ready.
The way back from String to Dict is unclear to for me.



When someone have the same problem, here is my solution:

For Each key As Variant In Dict_ArtikelnummerBestellmenge.Keys

if Dict_ArtikelnummerBestellmenge.Value(key) <> "0" then 
  StringLokal_ZuSpeichern =StringLokal_ZuSpeichern + "&" + key + "=" + Dict_ArtikelnummerBestellmenge.Value(key)
end if