Web pop-ups, opening in the middle, not in a value you choose

When I click on the web pop up, it does not choose the already selected item by default. Rather, it splits the entire pop-up menu and always selects the middle.

As you can see in the following, user had already selected “1” but I wanted to change it to “2”. But the pop-up opens at some random spot way down the list rather than opening at “1”.

Does anyone have a work around?


Use a number field and validate it? A popup menu should have no more than a dozen items really.

Even if it has only a dozen items, clicking on the popup really should highlight the currently selected item and display that at the top of the list the way it does in a desktop app. I would consider it a bug and I think Jay should file an issue for it…


Not if I can use a key to jump thru, say, a list of states… In 99.999% of the web app out there i can hit “T” and go to TN and if i hit it again “TX”

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I get that you like the control for certain reasons, but it’s not working for you Jay, and I know you’d rather work around than get hung up and fight about guidelines.

So does a text field that you can validate suffice as a workaround or not?

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Unfortunately if Im dealing with a bank API, in need to enforce “USA” not “U.S.” Or “United States” . Or the bank rejects the charge.

A popup guarantees that control. (Perhaps a combobox with error checking… Thanks for making me think)

Of Course a “normal” reaction form a webpopupmenu would be best.

A few questions:

  • When the page is open, is the WebPopup loaded with a predetermined list of values ?
  • And is the SelectedRowIndex set afterwards to the curent value ?

Looks like you app is Web 1.0.

by the looks of it, it seems like bootstrap, so I think it is web2

Web 2