Web or Mobile app in this instance?

We have a shop floor intranet that’s running a bunch of XOJO apps for Web and Desktop, driving scanners and interfacing with all sorts of manufacturing systems. However, we have a ‘mobile’ application where a scanner (phone camera) should be used, and I’m not sure how successful I’d be trying to write this in Web vs. Mobile. I haven’t yet made an iOS mobile app, so I’m not certain how steep of a learning curve it would be, so my thinking defaults to trying to publish it internally as a Web App - but I’m not sure how the ‘scanning’ interface would be in that case (simple 2D bar codes used to look-up records).

I appreciate any advice from someone who may have had a similar challenge. Thanks!

There’s a recent YouTube video on the Xojo YouTube channel from the recent London conference that describes iOS development differences for those familiar with Desktop and Web apps. You might find it interesting.

All my recent apps have been for iOS and I find it somewhat easier than Desktop, but there is a learning curve. API 2 has helped a lot.

If you’ve written a desktop app, writing for mobile should not be too much of an issue.
The main difference is that you have to use constraints to set the position of controls.

Thank you Art and Bob, I guess I have to get onto the Mobile bandwagon eventually - I’ve been getting by so long without it.

I will check out the videos - I’m mostly concerned with supporting the complexities of keeping XCode and other pieces up to day, managing the distribution model for our internal-use-only app, etc.

You could also make a web app using the excellent GraffitiSuite plugin. It supports barcodes.

Thanks James, I’m definitely casting a wide net with this question - and trying to find the fastest (and best) path forward, without reinventing the wheel. :+1:t2:

Take into consideration the following:

  1. If you use Web2, you don’t need to create API connections.
  2. If you use Mobile, you do program the API connections.

I have been a full time iOS developer for the past 6 years and in this particular case I would do it as a Web app.

With a web app, devices will always be running the latest version of the app, you can easily run it on Android and iOS devices, installation on the devices is easier.
And as mentioned in the previous post, with a web app, you have direct access to the database.


Thanks James, I appreciate the pointer to Graffiti Suite. I should ask @Christian_Schmitz if there is an alternative solution using MBS and Web2 to accomplish a simple Barcode reading solution…