Web: MouseEnter / MouseExit is not firing the Event Handler after a WebDialog?

I have some ImageViews with a MouseEnter and MouseExit Event.

When the mouse enter the Image, the MouseEnter fires and it shows 3 Labels with text a few pixel under the image [not on top of the image.]
When I move the mouse out of the image, the label are setting to invisible again.

That works without problems.

Now I added a WebDialog - and open it with this code:

dim WebDialog_Impressum as new WebDialogTemplate_Impressum

And I close the WebDialog with


After closing the WebDialog, the MouseEnter don’t fire again.

I can enter and leave the image - without no reaction.

Do I have to “refresh” the WebPage which shows the WebDialog? Or want could be the issue?

You shouldn’t. I suggest creating a simple stripped-down example project and filing it in feedback so we can see what’s going on.