Web: Load Excel-File with MBS Plugin XL with FileUploader?

I have:

Xojo 2017r1.1, MBS Plugins, the XL licenses for Mac and Windows.

Now I try to load a Excel-File into a web app, and want to open it with the XL plugin.

I’m using the “FileUploader” of Xojo WebEdition.
The uploads works, but I don’t know, how I can give the excel file to the “book” [XLBookMBS variable].

My code:

Dim MZString_HochgeladeneDatei As String = ""

Dim outputFile As FolderItem
outputFile = GetFolderItem("temp_uploads")

If Not outputFile.Exists Then
End If

Dim output As BinaryStream
For Each file As WebUploadedFile In files
    outputFile = outputFile.Child(file.Name)
    output = BinaryStream.Create(outputFile, True)
    MZString_HochgeladeneDatei = file.Data
  Catch e As IOException
  End Try

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// create new xls file
dim book as new XLBookMBS(true)
book.SetKey(MZString_ExcelLizenz_User, MZString_ExcelLizenz_Key) 


// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the book.LoadRaw2 - line got an issue:
“there is more than one item with this name”.

Is there a easier way, to use the uploaded file? I think I made something wrong.

Maybe pass second string there for error message?
And it returns you the new book:

LoadRaw2(data as string, byref ErrorMessage as String) as XLBookMBS

no, thats not working.

I found the solution:

if not book.LoadRaw(MZString_HochgeladeneDatei) then
  MsgBox "Fehler beim Lesen der Excel-Datei: "+book.ErrorMessage
end if