Web Listbox - selected line show previous selection

I have a WebContainer on a WebPage.

When I select, the first time I have a “This application has encountered an error and cannot continue.”. I clic “Do not send”, and select another line and it gives me the previous selection.

What did I miss?!?

[code]Session.p_id_Client = ClientList_CCtrl1.Client_ListBox.Cell(ClientList_CCtrl1.Client_ListBox.ListIndex,0)

Code of Listbox

Think I fixed it for you.
Take a look at what I did and see if you can spot what you missed :slight_smile:

Thanks Albin. Fixed it in my app…

When I tried to fix the problem before I post, I began to wrote [quote]Row as Integer, Column as Integer[/quote] in the parameters of the event definition, BUT since Xojo did not offer me the choices, I thought I was off…

I saw the Highway, but did not know how to get on it! Need more and more practice…