Web Listbox Allowing Whitespace?

I have a formatted string and I want the white space to stay in place in the listbox. However the listbox is automatically removing whitespace and my formatting has disappeared. How do I allow extra spaces in a listbox? Thanks for any help.

If you mean successive spaces, those get collapsed by the browser, so

Test     Row

Ends up as
Test Row

You can get around this by using something like the following:

'// That's two spaces in the first parameter.
me.AddRow( rowValue.ReplaceAll( "  ", "  " ) )

If you’re looking for line endings, similarly those are ignored. You can workaround it with something like:

me.AddRow( rowValue.ReplaceLineEndings( "<br />" ) )

Perfect. That’s what I was looking for. Ill give it a try.