Web lacks Control Arrays

One of Xojo’s strength has always been the ability to move from Platform to Platform, with the same base and the same logic. Unfortunately, the Web doesn’t usually live up to that. In the past, we’ve been given reasons why the underlying technologies that were chosen by Xojo make it difficult or impossible to do. More recently now that Ricardo is running the show, we’re getting a much more positive approach.

Having said that Web in API two still lacks Control Arrays. Despite the fact that there feature request #70810 ( https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/70810#note_564884) is one of the more subscribed feature request there’s still no milestone for this implementation. I’m still not sure what milestone means, but I think assigning a milestone is generally the first part of an implementation.

Web guys, please vote for this feature. I know that Ricardo is balancing a lot of stuff, but I’m sure we all would like it if we could get this one done in the next release.

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2023r4 will come with these Feature Requests implemented:

There are a few other performance improvements that will also be shipped in that release.

Control Arrays doesn’t have a milestone yet. We’ve discussed internally about that one a while ago. It will be done eventually, but definitely not as part of 2023r4.

To people upvoting Feature Requests, please consider if this one is the biggest thing you really want to see implemented. Don’t vote for the sake of voting, otherwise other Feature Requests (like deploying websites into subdirectories) can be delayed. I recommend voting on one or two per target and, as soon as they’re implemented, vote on more.

If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority™


This alone is worth putting anything else off for!