Web Label Border 2015 R1

The web Label border seems to behave differently in 2015R1 compared to previous versions.

See below for an example of what I’m seeing, is this a bug?

2014 R3.2 and older

2015 R1

CSS 2014 R3.2 and older

CSS 2015 R1

The Xojo IDE appears the same on both versions

Label Settings for the Same CSS in the IDE

A bug was fixed in 2015r1 which caused controls to render 1 or 2 pixels too small in both height and width. That’s been corrected.

But that doesn’t explain the difference between the IDE and the running app.

That’s easy.

With desktop apps we CAN get the OS to draw the actual controls.
Can’t do that with iOS or Web.

The IDE does its best to draws an approximation of what will appear at run time.
It doesn’t execute the the javascript / html / css that the browser does.
So its only an approximation - it’s close - and we try to make it so close you cant tell the difference.

Then the approximation needs to be adjusted, as the IDE used to match what was produced and now it doesn’t (this is all based on Liz’s information above - I haven’t personally verified that there’s not something else to blame).

It’s probably a bug in the IDE drawing code. There’s no easy way to draw CSS into a graphics object, so we keep having to create shims.

Please file a bug report with a simple example project.

Done #38283