web HTML Area won't load

I have a webpage with an HTML area in it. I also put a web label on the page.

When I load the page, the HTML Area does not load the URL .

Here is the code:

dim myURL as string = "https://deepthink.hironinsurance.com/file_system/0000000070___PayolaInc/Binder_PayolaInc_21761414542.pdf" //This URL is real and there is a document there. dim page as new Webpage_mypage page.htmlviewer1.URL=myURL page.Label1.text=myURL page.show

When the page shows, the URL in Label1.text is correct. I can cut and paste it into a browser and the page fills just fine.

But HTMLArea1 is blank.

The URL of the application on Xojo Cloud is https://deepthink.hironinsurance.com/name_of_app

What am I missing?

Browser / OS?
Not every platform has a built in PDF reader in the web browser.

Also, obscuring the app from us prevents us from being able to help you identify errors that present them self with the developer tools.

Chrome on Mac.

Not sure what you mean here. Explain and I will happily “un-obscure”

Isn’t an app to look at, so I can’t take a look at the developer tools in Safari for you :confused:

It could simply be that the “page” does not allow viewing in an iframe.

@Greg O’Lone :

The PAGE is my instance of Xojo cloud. It is being served as a PDF from the web directory

Jay, send me the link to the web app privately and I’ll poke around with dev tools to see if there’s an error.

Or you can do it yourself, enable the Develop menu in Safari, then press cmd-alt-u, and look for a stop sign with a number next to it at the top of the window. Click the stop sign to see a list of all the errors that occurred. You may find the reasoning there.

Chrome would be a similar - but likely not the same - process.

Is it an HTMLViewer, or the WebSDK HTMLArea ?

[quote=336116:@Jay Menna]@Greg O’Lone :

The PAGE is my instance of Xojo cloud. It is being served as a PDF from the web directory[/quote]
Then it’s easier. The security options prevent this by default. For more info: