Web: DynaPDFMBS - how to load a pdf with WebEdition?

I have the Xojo 2017.2 Pro and the DynaPDFMBS Pro - License.

I try to load a PDF with an Webfileuploader to edit it. I think I make something wrong. This is my code:

dim key as string = DecodeBase64(“this is secret”, encodings.UTF8)
DynaPDFMBS.setLicenseKeyGlobal key
dim pdf as new MyDynapdfMBS
pdf.SetLicenseKey “Pro”

Dim outputFile As FolderItem
outputFile = GetFolderItem(“temp_uploads”)

If Not outputFile.Exists Then
End If

Dim output As BinaryStream
For Each file As WebUploadedFile In files
outputFile = outputFile.Child(file.Name)

output = BinaryStream.Create(outputFile, True)

call pdf.CreateNewPDF outputFile.Child(file.Name)


Catch e As IOException
End Try

I think this line is wrong: call pdf.CreateNewPDF outputFile.Child(file.Name)

Please remove the call

pdf.SetLicenseKey "Pro"

as that puts you back to demo mode!

With pdf.CreateNewPDF you create a new PDF and overwrite the one uploaded.

You want to call OpenImportBuffer in DynaPDF object to open existing PDF from memory block (no need for temp file).

maybe do a pdf.CreateNewPDF(nil) before to make new PDF in memory.

I modified the code. Now it looks this way; but the problems aren’t gone. I can’t get the pdf.

dim key as string = DecodeBase64("secret :)", encodings.UTF8)
DynaPDFMBS.setLicenseKeyGlobal key
dim pdf as new MyDynapdfMBS

Dim uploadFolder As FolderItem
uploadFolder = GetFolderItem("temp_uploads")
If Not uploadFolder.Exists Then
End If

Dim savePDF As FolderItem

For Each uFile As WebUploadedFile In files
    savePDF = uploadFolder.Child(uFile.Name)
    call pdf.SetImportFlags(BitwiseOr(pdf.kifImportAll, pdf.kifImportAsPage))
    if pdf.OpenImportFile(savePDF, pdf.kptOpen, "")<>0 then
      MsgBox "Input file """+ savePDF.name+""" not found!"
    end if
    dim outfile as FolderItem=uploadFolder.Child(uFile.Name)
    call pdf.CreateNewPDF outfile 
    call pdf.ImportPDFFile(1, 1.0, 1.0)
    call pdf.CloseImportFile
  Catch err As UnsupportedFormatException
    // not a PDF, so skip it
  Catch err As IOException
    MsgBox("Upload failed: Insufficient permissions to save files to " + uploadFolder.NativePath)
    Exit For
  End Try

do you get error message?

Maybe you have a sample test project for me to check?

I send an email with a sample test project.

Does someone have an idea for me?

Seems you not just failed to get the email, you also missed my private messages here on the forum.


I click on the link I got a “Page Not Found
For some reason this conversation cannot be viewed. It may not exist, or you may not have permission to view it.”

Whenever I make private message to Marcel Zimmer, I get the suspended user (#76830), but not the right one (#322389).

Please tell me an alternative email, as your email server blocks me.

Thank you!

Christian helped me: I had some nasty bugs in my code. I’ll tried to change the pdf while uploading.

Now it works fantastic!

I recommend the MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin Pro plugin! It is really good!!