Web Dialog and Self

When using a web dialog, does the “self” reference the dialog or the web page that the dialog is sitting in?

The dialog. Problem is, if you need to address the WebPage that it was called from, there is no TrueWindow available. I solved that by using a webpage property on the dialog which I set when I instantiate it.

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Thanks for the suggestion I will have to do the same thing I guess. Is it just me or are Xojo web apps a totally different animal then a desktop app as it always feels like you have to hack your way around things to make them work more than on the desktop?

Web apps are indeed a totally different animal dressed into a Desktop UI. Xojo did a pretty good job at presenting HTML/CSS/Javascript in a guise somewhat similar to Mac & Windows, but it cannot quite hide its nature.

Indeed it sometimes takes extra steps to obtain the same as Desktop.

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