Web Deployment on Centos 7

Has anyone tried Xojo deployment on Centos 7? I have a dedicated server can run Centos 6 or 7 but thinking of trying Centos 7, just not sure if that may be too new that I end up having problems

64 bits… Ouch … Xojo is 32 bits … May require some doing …

Is the best solution centos 6 32 bit?

I have 12 cpu and 32gb ram and ssd.

I think a 32 bit OS would work but not sure if I will have any other limits.

Hmm. This may be a problem. All my possible Linux distributions are 64 bit.


[quote=134080:@Alan Sawyer]I have 12 cpu and 32gb ram and ssd.

I think a 32 bit OS would work but not sure if I will have any other limits.[/quote]

Indeed with such a configuration a 64 bit OS is probably preferable. It is certainly possible to run 32 bits programs, but it may not work out of the box. There are numerous accounts in this forum of people trying to run Xojo apps under 64 bit Linux, and some do succeed, but it takes some efforts. That is all I said. But there are people here who will be glad to help.

I think I see notes about installing 32 bit libraries for 64 bit OSs so I am thinking 64 bit can be made to work so if people are using Centos 7 it would be good to know

It is easier to get Xojo working on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 than CentOS. CentOS does not provide any 32bit packages in version 7 so its mostly a no-go.

From what I know, there are not 32 bit libs for Centos 7, but I can attest to the fact that CentOS 6 does work with our web apps.

I can do either centos 6 or ubuntu 14 so I guess one of those is best. I will not try Centos 7

If you have no option of 32-bit then I recommend Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64.

You could also install KVM and then create a CentOS 6.5 x86 VM to run your Xojo apps.

I test my Web apps in CentOS 6.5 32-bit, as it is the closest I can get to RedHat compatibility without spending any money! The apps work fine.

I just got mine working in CentOS and it was a royal pain - you have to configure iptables to open the port(s) that you plan to use - such as 8080 or 9000 and good luck doing any kind of Standalone apps. The best to use is cgi and then you should use folders for each one so you don’t mix your apps up. Then in the cgi everything has to be uploaded with binary process and all things need to be set to 755 permissions.

you have to be SSH’d in and use the sudo su command to gain root access as root and then use your commands to alter necessary things on the server.