Web Date Picker

Web Date Picker wanted!

For my Desktop Apps I am already using a bought Addon but for Web Apps a Datepicker is still missing.
Do anybody know a link for downloading or buying? All links I’ve found at google were broken.

Btw.: Why is Xojo not implementing such an important input control?

If you’re interested, my Web Custom Controls toolkit implements the YUI2 Calendar control.

Daniel, you made my day!!! Just checked out your controls. Can you tell me if these do run in Xojo 2013? On your website you are still referencing to 2011r3?

You can use that one : http://www.vdsc.eu/index.php/fr/blog/55-selecteur-webcalendar

Thank you Valdemar, I’ve checked your snippet couple of Minutes ago but I choose the package from Daniel Tylor.
His bunch of components look more finished and are better to integrate for me in my projects. Thank you both!

@Daniel Taylor : Waiting for your confirmation mail :slight_smile:

Just sent it! Please email me if you have any questions or requests, or encounter any bugs.

The earliest version they will run on is 2011r3. The latest is of course Xojo. New controls are coming, along with a move to the official WebSDK. I haven’t released new versions in a while due to other commitments, but they are coming.