Web: Create PDF?

I want to create a text-only PDF in a WebEdition App.
Does anyone know a good way with Xojo only?

The forum is full of hits, when I search, mostly with advertising for “MBS DynaPDF Plugin”, which I don’t want to use it.

Is there a Xojo - out of the box solution without a foreign Plugin like MBS DynaPDF Plugin?

DynaPDF is great plugin and a lot of people have it in use.

Of course you can write yourself a PDF from scratch, but I fear you waste your time working yourself through the 1400+ pages PDF specification.

DynaPDF lite would be a good solution, but if you don’t want that (for reasons of cash or other), check out


and also search for fpdf

You can use wkhtmltopdf and pass it an HTML page you’ve generated.
wkhtmltopdf is a command line tool for converting HTML documents to PDF.



You could try:


It’s based on http://www.fpdf.org/, where you’ll find the reference manual.

The code is five years old, but with some minot tweaks, it will compile and it handles text and images fine, albeit without Unicode support.

Also you could try GraffitiSuite http://www.graffitisuite.com/ (have an option named WebPDF in the latest beta) it can easily generate pdfs on the fly, with text, shapes, images, tables, html, etc.